Intelligence is natural

Capturing biological systems on silicon



Nature has solved autonomy beyond Deep Learning

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Extracting 600 million years of evolution



Enabling machines to move just like in nature


A paradigm shift that is real and working today

Opteran's integrated and modular autonomy platform is made up of four parts

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An insect vision camera that sees 360 degrees simultaneously

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Optical flow based collision avoidance and object detection

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A highly efficient approach to SLAM that doesn't get lost

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Enables machines to make decisions by weighing up options

Flexible deployment on GPU, FPGA, ASIC


Opteran’s brain works dynamically on the edge with only a visual sensor and no Deep Learning

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Our Markets

A general purpose solution for industrial robotics, autonomous vehicles and consumer robotics.

Opteran’s vision is based on natural autonomy. All around us, mostly unnoticed, insects ply their trade; pollinating orchards, swarming and building new colonies. Our vision is for autonomous machines to diligently move around us, cleaning, servicing, supplying our lives and keeping us safer.

Ubiquitous autonomy is the next revolution, not just for industry, but for every sphere of human endeavor. Opteran’s brain makes this future a reality. Our general purpose solutions will empower machines in space, in the air, on and under the ground.

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Warehousing, cleaning, security, mining etc

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Autonomous cars, vans and trucks

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Vacuums, lawn mowers and home automation

Our journey to natural intelligence

Opteran have achieved a paradigm shift in machine intelligence that provides a path to true general purpose autonomy.

Approximately 15 years ago IBM's Blue Brain project announced it would map all 86b neurons of the human brain. Opteran’s Chief Science Officer, Professor James Marshall’s reaction was ‘if you were going to map a brain you’d start with something less complex.’ He chose insects, specifically the honeybee which exhibits sophisticated navigational skills using a brain the size of a pinhead with only a million neurons.

James raised over £6m EPSRC grant funding and set about creating a process for extracting natural brain function onto silicon. His team has achieved this, enabling Opteran Technologies.


 Leadership team

We have an experienced leadership team of commercial and technical experts

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Bob Miller
CEO and co-founder
ex- Oracle, GlobalLogic and Marakon


Sean Mitchell
ex- CEO Movidius (Intel)


Dr. Alex Cope
CTO and co-founder
Pioneer in brain biomimicry

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Professor James Marshall
Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder
ex-Sony, Research Pioneer

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Dr. Alex Formstone

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Rafferty Jackson
Non-Executive Director
ex-Beats, New Vista SPAC

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Ross McMaster


Sebastian von Ribbentrop
Investor Director
Join Capital


Gur Kimchi
ex-founder Amazon Prime Air

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Daniel Carew
Investor Director
IQ Capital


Dave Murray
ex-Movidius (Intel)


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Vision Tank Startup Winners 2021